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New payment infrastructure in the Nordic region, being launched in Sweden and Denmark.

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What is P27?

The aim of P27 is to be the common platform for payments in the Nordic region. This provides good opportunities for digitalisation and new initiatives in the payments market.

There are currently 27 million people living in the Nordic region (hence the name of the platform), who are easily able to move between countries, but when it comes to payments, we have several different solutions. This makes it difficult to make payments between the Nordic countries.

With P27, we will instead have a common Nordic payment infrastructure that facilitates payments and makes it possible to make payments in different currencies. The first round will include only SEK, DKK and EUR. Norway has opted not to take part with the NOK currency in P27 for local payments.

Benefits of P27

Easier and faster payments

Better payment information secures quicker reconciliation

Common file format ensures easier transfers across borders

What does this mean to you as a customer?

This is relevant to DNB customers who have accounts in DNB Sweden or have subsidiaries in Sweden. Eventually, our customers in Denmark will also go through the same change process. For Norwegian customers with accounts in Norway, there will be no direct consequences as a results of the services changing in Sweden and Denmark.

P27 is planning a gradual launch of the new settlement mechanism between banks, which will start from the 3rd quarter of 2023. As a result of this reorganisation, the Bank Giro services will be phased out and replaced by services provided by DNB. This applies to outgoing payments, salaries and various incoming payments.

This reorganisation will mean that the Bank Giro formats (LB, BG salary and OCR) will be replaced by the ISO20022 XML format that provides better solutions for our customers. Our customers that use Bank Giro’s services will get access to our new payment solutions when using the new payment format being launched in 2022.

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