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Group accident insurance

Give your employees financial settlement payments for injuries incurred after an accident.

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  • Flexible insurance

  • Competitive advantage as employer

  • Financial security for employees

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Why choose group accident insurance?

The company shows responsibility for its employees and their families during and outside of working hours if they suffer an accident. Employees find it gives financial peace of mind to know that they’ll receive a settlement payment for injuries caused by an accident or mishap.

The insurance is flexible so the business itself can choose whether the insurance should only apply during working hours, only during leisure time or 24 hours a day. The sum insured can be chosen on the basis of the National Insurance basic amount (G) or a fixed amount. The sum insured is paid out as a lump sum and is paid to the person who suffers the injury or to their survivors.

Product information (IPID)

Group accident insurance (PDF, Norwegian)

Product information (IPID)

  • Group accident insurance (PDF)
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What does the insurance cover?

The insurance can apply to both medical disability and death compensation.

Medical disability

Lifelong medical disability as a result of an accidental injury, including treatment costs. In the event of an injury, the compensation sum is calculated in relation to the established degree of disability. It can be stipulated that compensation shall not be paid below a certain degree of disability, for example 5% or 15%.

Death compensation

Death resulting from an accidental injury. A lump sum is paid to the insured party’s spouse or cohabitants.

Terms and conditions Personnel insurance

Basic amount (G)

As of 1 May 2024, NOK 1G is 124,028.

Collective accident FAQ

Have you suffered from an accident, injury or illness?

The easiest way is to report the incident via our digital solution in the online bank.

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Provider of the insurance

The insurance is provided by DNB Livsforsikring AS.

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