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Other sickness insurance

Secure your employees a disbursement in the event of permanent incapacity for work, even when the illness isn’t related to their occupation.

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  • Shows responsibility for employees

  • The insurance policy applies both at work and privately

  • Insured for illness that isn’t approved as an occupational disease or work accident

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I would like to receive an offer
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What does other sickness insurance mean?

Other sickness insurance covers illness that isn’t work-related, i.e. that which workers' compensation insurance doesn’t cover. The various elements of this insurance are optional, which means that your business can add or opt out of individual coverages according to its own wishes and needs.

What can the insurance policy cover?

  • Loss of capacity for work and income
    Compensation is paid out in the event of occupational disability from and including 40%. The amount of compensation is set according to the degree of disability.
  • Compensation for permanent injury
    Insurance settlements are dispensed for permanent disability over 50%.

Examples of diseases that are covered:

  • cancer
  • cardiovascular diseases
  • stress disorders

Product information (IPID)

Other sickness insurance (PDF, Norwegian)

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