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Sickness assessment insurance

Ensure that your employees are paid one or multiple amounts over the initial years after the start of a long period of incapacity for work.

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  • Financial peace of mind in the event of incapacity for work due to illness

  • Reduces the need for your disability insurance

  • Employee is insured against illness that isn’t approved as an occupational illness

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What is sickness assessment insurance?

The insurance provides financial peace of mind in the event of incapacity for work which is due to illness that isn’t an occupational illness and can also be expanded to include incapacity for work regardless of the cause.

What can the insurance policy cover?

You can choose for your employees to receive one or multiple lump sums after: 18 – 24– 30 – 36 – 42 – 48 months’ continuous sick leave. Based on work assessment allowance being given or at least 40 per cent disability pension being granted from NAV (the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration).

What can settlement payments be given for?

  • For 100 per cent incapacity for work, the agreed sum insured is paid.
  • The employee must have been at least 40 per cent continuously incapacitated for work from the first sick leave certificate until the agreed date of the disbursement for the sum insured to be payable.
  • For lower degrees of incapacity for work, the sum insured is reduced proportionately.

Product information (IPID)

Sickness assessment insurance (PDF)

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Provider of the insurance

The insurance is provided by DNB Livsforsikring AS.

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