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Defined contribution pension

A good defined contribution pension is a form of security for your employees and ensures that your company is competitive when recruiting in the future.

  • Easy to manage through the internet bank

  • We communicate directly with your employees and actively advise them during all phases of life

  • We offer digital courses for both your company and employees, and these are available in different languages

I would like to receive an offer
I would like to receive an offer

How to transfer your pension from another bank

Do you have a pension agreement with another bank? Banking and pension are closely linked. If you transfer your pension to us, you’ll get a full overview through the internet bank.

Send us an authorisation so we can obtain information about your current pension agreement and give you a non-binding offer.

Get started with pension saving

All companies with at least one employee are required to establish a pension agreement for their employees. A defined contribution pension scheme for businesses provides a simple way to ensure statutory saving. The scheme also gives the company the right to a tax deduction.

In DNB, your defind contribution pension will be managed safely, sustainably and responsibly in Norway’s largest pension management environment.

Read the terms and conditions for defined contribution pension schemes (PDF, Norwegian)

DNB explains defined-contribution pensions

How does a defined contribution pension work?

With a defined contribution pension scheme, you define an annual contribution, for example 2 per cent of the salary of all employees covered by the pension scheme. You can choose contributions of between 2 per cent and 7 per cent of salaries up to 12G (G stands for the National Insurance basic amount). In addition, extra deposits of up to 25.1 per cent can be made if the employee has a salary between 7.1–12G.

Choice of investment

When a pension agreement is first entered into, you as the owner of the company will choose the pension profile. The employee can then easily change their pension profile using the internet bank.

We make pensions easier for your business and your employees

Employees need different information in different phases of life. We will therefore send your employees regular emails telling them what they need to know as a member of a pension scheme. We call this the Pension Journey.

FAQ about defined-contribution pensions

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