Foreign currency account

Account for settlements and transactions in a specific currency. The Internet banking service gives you a good overview of all amounts paid from or to the account.

Suitable for those who:

  • have incoming and outgoing payments in a currency other than NOK
  • do not need to exchange amounts to or from NOK
  • want an interest-bearing deposit account in a foreign currency
  • want to reduce their currency exchange risk

The interest rates on currency account follow two different reference rates:

  • DNB Basic set internally by the bank
  • Day to Day Market Rate set in the market for relevant currencies

There is no charge for online transfers between your own accounts. The fees for other payments are specified in the price list.

Important information for those who open foreign currency accounts:

  • The account cannot be used for cash deposits or cash withdrawals.
  • Payment cards cannot be linked to this type of account.
  • The bank credits incoming payments to the account specified in the payment instructions. To avoid unwanted currency exchanges it is thus important that you tell your customers the account number to which you want payment to be sent.

How to open an account:

You can open the account through the internet bank, DNB Connect.

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