Cash Management services

Contact Cash Management for advice on how to get better control over your company’s liquidity.

Account systems and liquidity Group account system
A group account system is ideal for companies that need to manage and control the liquidity of subsidiaries and departments.
Group account system
Multi-currency account system
A multi-currency account system is suitable for companies engaged in imports and exports with accounts in different currencies.
Flervaluta kontosystem
Multi-currency group account
A multi-currency group account system is suitable for subsidiaries engaged in imports and exports. The solution provides a basis for optimising liquidity management across the group. Multi currency group account
Liquidity module
The liquidity module is a tool that keeps track of liquidity flows for companies with many accounts in Norway and internationally. Liquidity module
Payments Internet bank - DNB Connect
Manage the company's finances directly in our corporate internet bank
Internet bank

Corporate & Institutional clients

Ilustration: cash poolWe also offer International Cash pool and Zero balancing for Corporate & Institutional clients.

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Leading Cash Management bank

Greenwich associates - Greenwich Quality Leader 2012

Greenwich Associates, the financial services research firm, recently named DNB as the leading cash management bank in Norway based on their annual large corporate banking study.