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Accident insurance

Accident insurance protects you financially in the event of accident.

Accident insurance
  • Compensation for permanent medical disability or death

  • Treatment by a doctor and dentist after accidental injury

  • Optional compensation sum up to NOK 3 million

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What is accident insurance?

Accident insurance pays for permanent medical disability in the event of an accident with a lump sum you choose. The compensation amount is also affected by the degree of disability. In addition, death is covered for beneficiaries with NOK 50 000, as is treatment by a doctor and dentist in the event of an accident with up to 5% of the insurance sum chosen.

Accidental injury

What exactly is accidental injury? Injury after an accident means bodily har caused by a sudden external and unforeseen event - an "accident". It is important to note that the terms and conditions specify the activities that are not covered because they pose a higher risk of injury, such as hang gliding, skydiving, martial arts and expeditions.

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How the accident insurance works

  • You can buy the insurance when you are between 16 and 70 years old, and it lasts until you have reached the age of 75.
  • You choose the sum insured yourself between NOK 100 000 and NOK 3 million.
  • When you order the insurance, you must fill in a legally required health declaration form.
  • The insurance pays out if a person suffers permanent medical disability as a result of an accident.
  • The insurance also covers treatment expenses up to 5% of the sum insured.
  • In addition, death as a result of an accident is covered with NOK 50 000 for beneficiaries.

What does medical disability mean?

The insurance pays out if a person suffers permanent medical disability as a result of an accident. A person who is medically disabled has sustained a permanent injury that limits normal bodily function, such as loss of sight, hearing or a body part.

Medical disability is graded from 1% to 100% according to public rates, and the degree of disability determines how much of the insurance sum is paid out in the event of an injury.

What does accident insurance cover?

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Fremtind Forsikring

As a DNB customer, you get insurance supplied by Fremtind Forsikring – one of Norway’s largest insurance providers, with extensive experience. You are still a customer of DNB, and should contact us if you want to buy insurance, make changes, make a claim or have any questions.

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