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Plan your pension

Plan your retirement early and get greater flexibility to choose when you would like to draw a pension.

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  • Get an overview of how much in pension you will receive

  • Plan your pension withdrawals well, so you get more flexibility

Pensions calculator

How can you plan your pension?

1. Get an overview

The first step in planning is to get an overview of how much you can expect to be paid out as a pension. Try our Pensions calculator which collects information from the National Insurance Scheme and employers in the private sector. You can also find an overall overview in NAV (the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration)’s own pension calculator.

2. Consider when you want to draw a pension

Once you’ve got an overview, you can calculate when you want to start receiving pension disbursements. Every extra year you continue to work will have a big impact on your accrued pension benefits. The more years you work, the more pension you get. Familiarise yourself with how long the various pensions are paid out for. Some are lifelong and some are limited to, for example, 10 years.

In addition, it is important to think about what your life situation will be like when you take out your pension. How is your health? Who do you live with, and who do you share the expenses with? How are the rest of your finances? The situation of your neighbour or colleague is not necessarily the correct option for you.

Are you well prepared for retirement?

Pension Prep

We can help you along the way

DNB Pension Prep gives you, as a soon-to-be pensioner, tips on how you can prepare for the transition – both financially and psychologically.


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