Barnas Sparekonto

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Barnas Sparekonto is for children aged 0 to18. Give your children a good financial start to life and help them learn about money and how to save.

About Barnas Sparekonto

Savings account
The account is in the name of the child and can be managed by the person(s) with parental responsibillity. You choose how much and how often you wish to save, but we recommend that you save a fixed monthly amount.

Saving in mutual funds
If you would rather save in mutual funds, all or part of this regular savings amount can be transferred to a mutual fund.

You should also take out insurance
We recommend DNB Child and Youth Insurance to secure your child's financial future. Please call us if you would like information or if you have any questions about this important topic.

Suitable for:

  • Children aged 0 to 18
  • Parents who wish to save for their children and help give them a good financial start

Prices and terms

Barnas Sparekonto, irrespective of the balance:
2.70 %

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How to open Barnas Sparekonto

You can open the account in the online bank by going to Banking & loans - Open new account - Savings account for minors.