Consumer loan

Apply for a consumer loan from DNB
A consumer loan can be suitable if you have a regular income and need money for a short period. Apply by using the Norwegian online application form.

Consumer loan

A consumer loan provides you with a loan of maximum NOK 250 000, and requires no collateral. The loan has a repaymentplan that runs over five years, but a shorter repayment periode can be arranged. Currently the online application is only avaliable in Norwegian.

Interest rate

from 10,4 % 
Nom. interest rate from 10,4 to 12,5 %
A consumer loan is suitable if you:

  •     Need additional money for a short period
  •     Have a regular income
  •     Are over 23 years old

...and not suitable if you:

  •     Have trouble handling your personal finances
  •     Are unsure whether you will be able to repay the loan
  •     Have had trouble with repaying loans earlier

Price example

Loan amount NOK 1000 000, repayment period: 5 years. effective interest rate: 11,15 %, front-end fee: NOK 500. Cost: 29.310. Total cost: NOK 129.310.
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