Consumer loans

A consumer loan can be suitable if you need money for a short period. Apply by contacting us on phone 915 04800.

Consumer loan

You decide what to spend the money on, and we require no collateral.

A consumer loan provides you with a credit line of maximum NOK 250 000 and suits those who need money quickly and are able to repay within a reasonable period.

Interest rate from

18.54% eff.interest rate
Loan NOK 65 000

Suitable if you:

  • Need additional money for a short period
  • Need money quickly
  • Have a regular income



Not suitable if you:

  • Have trouble handling your personal finances
  • Are unsure whether you will be able to repay the loan


You can adjust the repayment schedule to your financial situation. The only thing you have to remember is to pay 3% of the outstanding amount, minimum NOK 200, each month

Price example

Loan amount NOK 65 000
Repayment period: 5 years
Nominal interest rate: 16.20%
Effective interest rate: 18.54%
Front-end fee: NOK 500
Total cost: NOK 97 188 as at 31 May 2011, subject to change.


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