Price list savings and insurance

Saving Insurance


Savings account Intro* Other customers
Balance up to NOK 100 000 1.00% 0.55%
Balance from NOK 100 000 to 500 000 1.00% 0.55%
Balance over NOK 500 000 -
1.00% 0.55%
The above rates apply to the entire balance if it exceeds one of the above mentioned thresholds.

* Applies to Intro Savings Account and Intro ‘Foreldre Spar’ (“parent savings”)

Superspar Interest rate
Interest rate 1.20%

12 free withdrawals per calendar year plus withdrawal of last year’s earned interest. The fee for additional withdrawals is 1.00 % of the withdrawn amount (maximum NOK 250 per withdrawal). In this context loan payments and fixed transfers to saving products offered by the Group do not count as withdrawals


Barnas Sparekonto/Intro ForeldreSpar Interest rate
Interest rate 1.00%
Monthly saving amount is optional. All or part of this may be invested in mutual funds (minimum NOK 100). The account will be opened in the name of the child and may be freely operated by the child’s parents/guardians. Cards are not issued on this type of account 


Boligsparing for ungdom (BSU and BSU 2.0) - Home savings scheme for young people Interest rate
Interest rate 3.20%


Fixed rate deposits Interest rate
The following rates apply for deposits at least NOK 25 000 and maximum NOK 8 mill:  
Fixed until 14 December 2018 1.55 %
Fixed until 16 December 2019 1,45 %
The following rates apply for deposits between NOK 8 mill NOK 20 mill:  
Fixed until 14 December 2018 1.15 %

The maximum amounts apply per customer per sales periodThese terms may be changed on short notice.


Mutual funds
Fee-free subscription for and redemption of units in all of our mutual funds. This applies to equity funds, balanced funds, blend funds, bond funds and money market funds.
The minimum subscription amount is NOK 100 or more, depending on the fund. The minimum amount under fixed saving agreements is also from NOK 100 and up.

Annual management fees are charged by all the funds. The fee will be specified in the fund’s prospectus.


Pure endowment insurance Annual adm. fee Deposit fee Annual management fee
Garanti Kapital I 0.70% 0%   1%  
Garanti Livrente (annuity) 0.60% NOK up to 1 000 000

NOK 1 000 000 or more

NOK 1 000 000 or more

Up to NOK 1 000 000

Garanti Pensjon Spar (Pension saving) 0.60% 0%   1.30%  
Link Spar (Saving) 0.90% Up to NOK 1 000 000

NOK 1 000 000 or more

Depends on composition of mutual fund investment portifolio
Link Pensjon Spar
(Pension saving)
0.90% 0%   Varies*  
PensjonSpar 0,50% 0%   Depends on composition of mutual fund investment portifolio

* The costs associated with the individual funds are debited from the fund daily by the fund managers and have already been taken into account in the quoted unit prices.

Investment account Set-up fee
Balance up to NOK 999 999 1.0%
Balance of NOK 999 999 or more 0.5%
No fees for buying and selling mutual fund units covered by the scheme  
Brokerage commission in connection with online equity trading 0.05 %, minimum NOK. 95.00  


Travel insurance
Reise Basis 18-29 år 30-39 år 40-49 år 50-59 år 60-69 år 70-79 år 80 +
Individual kr 1141 kr 1108 kr 1108 kr 1329 kr 1218 kr 1329 kr 1329
Family kr 1580 kr 1534 kr 1534 kr 1841 kr 1688 kr 1841 kr 1841

Reise Best 18-29 år 30-39 år 40-49 år 50-59 år 60-69 år 70-79 år 80 +
Individual kr 1640 kr 1592 kr 1672 kr 1704 kr 1990 kr 2229 kr 2468
Family kr 2155 kr 2092 kr 2196 kr 2929 kr 2615 kr 2929 kr 3424


Child and youth insurance
Our child and youth insurance policy pays out benefits in the event of illness or injury and thus provides future security for both parents and children. Can be taken out for children between the ages of 3 months and 18 years and kept until the child reaches the age of 26, and you can choose from the following:

Basis: NOK 1 500/ 125 per month
Pluss: NOK 2 340/ 195 per month
Super: NOK 3 780/ 315 per month


Mastercard debt insurance
Mastercard debt insurance covers monthly minimum payments (3% of the outstanding balance) on the Mastercard for up to 12 months in the event of illness or involuntary unemployment/interruption of studies. If the insured becomes critically ill or dies any outstanding balance on the credit line will be cancelled.

The insurance can be taken out by customers between the ages of 18 and 64 and the price is 0.4% of the outstanding balance on the invoicing date.


Non-life insurance
You can get a discount of up to 15% if you buy three or more insurance policies. Check the Norwegian-language version of our Internet Banking Service, or contact us on +47 915 04800 for more information.


Life insurance
Having the right life insurance coverage will reduce the financial consequences that often follow from a person’s death, disability or serious illness.
Check our website for more information.



Barnas Trygghetskonto, product no longer for sale
- child benefits savings account with non-life insurance
Interest rate
Balance up to NOK 10 000 1.90%
Balance of NOK 10 000 or more 2.15%
Examples of effective interest rates  
NOK 20 000 2.03%
NOK 50 000 2.10%

  • 12 free withdrawals/transfers from the account per calendar year.
  • The fee for additional withdrawals/transfers from the account is 1.00% of the withdrawn/transferred amount. The fee will be debited from the account.
  • Fixed payments in the form of loan payments or investments in mutual funds are not regarded as withdrawals in this context.


General information SAGA
The rates and terms for customers who subscribe to SAGA are the same as those for the Leve.
Unauthorised overdrafts – interest and charges
Overdrawing of accounts is not allowed and penalty interest will accrue on any overdrawn amounts. The penalty interest rate is currently 20% p.a. Dunning fees in accordance with the Norwegian Debt Collection Act come in addition to this.

Commercial customers
Please see the price list for corporate customers

Deposit guarantee
As required by to the Norwegian Act number 75 of 6 December 1996 on Guarantee Schemes for Banks, the bank is a member of the Norwegian Banks’ Guarantee Fund. In accordance with the Act, aggregate deposits of up to NOK 2 million per depositor are guaranteed by the fund. The maximum amount of NOK 2 million applies even if the depositor has several accounts in DNB, irrespective of whether the accounts were opened in DNB, Den norske Bank, Gjensidige NOR Sparebank, DNB, DnB Privatbank, Vika Bank or Cresco, as these are all part of the DNB Bank group. Any amounts owed to the bank may be set off against the guaranteed amount if the debt has fallen due for payment and the bank has a right of set-off according to then prevailing Norwegian law. The guarantee shall apply even if the bank itself is unable to meet its financial obligations.

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