DNB Aktiv 80

DNB Aktiv 80 is the right fund for you if you have a long-term savings plan and want to achieve sound returns. Recommended if your savings perspective is at least six years and you accept temporary value fluctuations.

Distribution: 80% in equities, 20% in fixed-income funds
Recommended savings perspective: minimum six years

The fund is a good option if you have a high risk appetite or have a long-term savings perspective, and if you would like the opportunity to earn healthy returns in the long term.

DNB Aktiv 80 will allocate your savings between money market funds, bond funds and equity funds offered by both DNB and internationally renowned portfolio managers.

The fund invests in both the equity and bond markets, and this will normally yield more stable returns than a pure equity fund.


How do I buy funds?

1. Already a customer? Log into your online bank

2. Choose 'Mutual funds' under 'Savings & Investments' in the drop-down menu

3. Start a savings scheme or buy shares right away

4. Not a customer? Join Norway's leading bank

Remember that past returns are no guarantee for future returns. Factors influencing future returns include market development, the fund manager's skill, the fund's risk profile, and management costs. Returns may at times be negative due to declining share prices.
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