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A balanced fund combines equities and bonds in a single portfolio. Your portfolio manager will balance risk (equity funds) and security (fixed-income funds) in accordance with characteristics of the individual fund.

DNB Aktiv 100
100% Equity
If you want your savings to reflect stock market returns, and accept that the value of your savings may fluctuate
DNB Aktiv 80
80% Equity
If you want to take fairly high risk to increase your chances of achieving strong returns
DNB Aktiv 50
50% Equity
If you want the possibility of good returns without excessive risk
DNB Aktiv 30
30% Equity
If you want better returns than on a savings account

Suitable if you want:

  • Sound returns, but prefer to avoid the large value fluctuations of a pure equity fund
  • A simple way to save
  • Professional managers to allocate your investments between equity and fixed-income funds in accordance with the fund’s characteristics

Not suitable if you:

  • Will not accept periods of negative returns

How do I buy funds?

1. Already a customer? Log into your online bank

2. Choose 'Mutual funds' under 'Savings & Investments' in the drop-down menu

3. Start a savings scheme or buy shares right away

4. Not a customer? Join Norway's leading bank

The DNB Aktiv funds

The DNB Aktiv funds are our most popular funds.

The funds invest in both our own funds, as well as selected funds from foreign portfolio managers. We have four different Aktiv-funds to make it easy for you to chose the one that fits your savings perspective and preferred level of risk.

DNB Aktiv 30 will invest 30 percent in equity funds and the remaining capital in fixed-income funds, while DNB Aktiv 100 is a pure equity fund.

Tax and balanced funds

Returns on investments in blanced fund are partly exempt from taxes due to the shielding deduction.