Investment Account

Trade equities and manage your mutual funds and savings all in one place. Taxes will be deferred until you withdraw money from the investment account. Contact one of our investment advisers to find out if an Investment Account is right for you.

Build your own investment portfolio

With our Investment Account you can trade equities and manage your mutual funds and savings - all in one place.

Find and choose the investments that suit you best. We can offer you investment funds from a wide range of renowned portfolio managers. Trade equities with our online equity trading solution. Keep track of your investments through our online solutions on


Reporting is made easy with an annual report that you will receive directly from DNB Liv.

Suitable if you:

  • Want to steer when taxes are triggered
  • Would like to manage savings and investments from one account
  • Want to reduce paperwork as much as possible when filing your tax returns

Investment options – Investment Account

Equity funds Fixed income funds
Bond funds Balanced funds
Index funds Bank accounts

Norway: Oslo OBX ▪ Oslo Axess ▪ ETF
Sweden: Stockholm Stock Exchange ▪ ETF
Denmark: Copenhagen Stock Exchange
Finland: Helsinki Stock Exchange
USA: S&P 500 ▪ The Philadelphia Oil Service Sector Index

You can choose between the following portfolio managers:

DNB Asset Management
Holberg Fondene
Alfred Berg Kapitalforvaltning JP Morgan Asset Management
East Capital
Morgan Stanley Asset Management
Hermes Investment Management Odin Forvaltning AS
Pareto Asset Management
Nomura Asset Management OFI Global Asset Management
Storebrand Asset Management


  • Minimum required investment amount: NOK 10 000
  • Annual administration fee: 0 %
  • Front-end fees: 0 %
  • No fees apply when buying and selling funds in connection with the Investment Account
  • Brokerage commission for online equity trading is 0.05 %, minimum NOK 95*
  • In the event of the death of the account holder, 101 % of insured value will be paid

* DNB Markets rates always apply (including any applicable discounts)

Please note:

  • A shielding deduction does not apply
  • The Investment Account is subject to wealth tax
  • Withdrawing funds from the Investment Account triggers a tax of 23 %
  • Owning equities through an Investment Account does not entitle you to voting at shareholders' meetings

Smart Order Routing

Smart Order Routing (SOR) is a technological solution that within a fraction of a second compares prices in many trading markets. This ensures that you get the best available price.

Ethical investments

All investments made ny DNB in connection with the Investment Account are quality assured in accordance with DNB's ethical guidelines. Our guidelines are in line with UN and OECD ethics and business principles.