BSU - Home savings scheme for young people

Venninner sitter i sofa og ser p mobil

BSU is the best way for people under 34 years to save towards a home of your own. Get a good interest rate and 20% tax reduction.


  • The best savings option if you are 33 years old or younger
  • A good rate of interest
  • No regular savings amount required
  • Tax relief – up to NOK 2 750,- annually, if you do not own your own housing

General rules and requirements:

  • The maximum age limit is 33 years old
  • BSU savings must be used to buy a home or to repay an existing mortgage
  • You must have a taxable income to be eligible for tax relief (but you may save regardless)
  • The maximum savings limit is NOK 27 500 per year and the total savings amount is NOK 300 000
  • From the time you reach the age of 34, the BSU account will have the same interest rate as ordinary savings accounts

Additional requirements for non-Norwegian citizens:

  • A personal ID Number or D-Number.
  • Address of residence in Norway*.
  • Holdings must be declared to the Norwegian authorities.

*Please note that you must reside in Norway to qualify for BSU and have taxable income to be eligible for tax relief.

Interest rate

4,95 % 
per year.

Interest rates

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