BSU - Home savings scheme for young people

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BSU is the best way for people under 34 years to save towards a home of your own. Get a good interest rate and 20% tax reduction.


  • The best savings option if you are 33 years old or younger
  • A good rate of interest
  • No regular savings amount required
  • 20% tax relief – up to NOK 5 000 annually

General rules and requirements:

  • The maximum age limit is 33 years old
  • BSU savings must be used to buy a home or to repay an existing mortgage
  • You must have a taxable income to be eligible for tax relief (but you may save regardless)
  • The maximum savings limit is NOK 25 000 per year and the total savings amount is NOK 300 000

Additional requirements for non-Norwegian citizens:

  • A personal ID Number or D-Number.
  • Address of residence in Norway*.
  • Holdings must be declared to the Norwegian authorities.

*Please note that you must reside in Norway to qualify for BSU and have taxable income to be eligible for tax relief.

Interest rate


20% in tax relief

Save up to NOK 25 000 annually.
You get 20% of the amount you save in tax relief.

BSU 2.0

Take one step closer to buying the home of your dreams. Get the same high BSU interest rate, but double the total savings amount.

Read about BSU 2.0

Interest rates

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