Margin Account with DVP settlement

As a supplementary service, we offer Margin Account with DVP settlement (Delivery versus Payment). This enables you to fund your portfolio through DNB irrespective of which brokerage firm you use for the trade.

chartIt is not necessary to notify DNB about each individual transaction, but it is important that you, in connection with the trading order, notify your broker that the trade will be settled DVP with DNB (custodian number ‘05260’).

Drawing on the margin limit may only be made in connection with securities trading which settles DVP with DNB. Before a DVP transaction is confirmed, however, DNB must verify that the customer’s own equity is adequate and that the transaction does not entail that the customer’s margin limit is exceeded. If these requirements are not met, DNB will not approve the transaction. It is the sole responsibility of the customer to assure these requirements are met before placing a trade with your broker.

Non-DVP transfers of securities out of the VPS account are only accepted when the customer’s own capital is still sufficient after the transaction is made. Transfers of securities to the VPS account (e.g. additional collateral) without corresponding payments are of course in order.

Margin Account with DVP settlement requires a minimum margin limit of NOK 1 million, assuming approval.

NB! Chinese Walls within DNB prevent Brokers in DNB Markets will only have access to the accounts of customers with VP funding with custodian settlement if they have been granted authorisation by the customer.
Become a customer

To apply for Margin Account with DVP settlement, you must contact your broker or customer service officer in DNB, alternatively you can download the form under ’More information’ in the right-hand column and send the completed application to:

Customer Administration
DNB Markets
P.O. Box 7100
5020 Bergen

DNB Markets will forward your credit application to the relevant credit department.
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