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To fund an investment, also called gearing, gives you a greater range of investment opportunities and increases your potential return. Margin Account is a way of funding your investment which uses securities as collateral. You start with equity in the form of an existing portfolio or cash, and can then gear to expand your portfolio. Your portfolio is used as collateral for the funding.

By funding your portfolio you will be able to:
  • Buy more shares
  • Invest in a wider range of companies and sectors
Apply for a minimum credit limit of NOK 50 000 if you wish to have a margin account.

The idea is that, over time, the increase in value of your investments will exceed the funding costs. You are required to repay the funding, including interest, whereas any capital gains and the dividends you have received in the meantime are yours.

There is little doubt that any investment entails a certain degree of risk. Whereas certain securities have performed very well over a long period, others have performed poorly. Past returns are no guarantee for present or future performance. Share prices may fluctuate daily and certain share prices fluctuate more than others.

Margin account is a powerful funding tool which increases your potential gain, but can also increase your losses. If the value on your portfolio falls, your losses will be greater than if you had an ungeared portfolio.

The product is best suited for investors with good knowledge of and experience from the securities market.

Become a customer
To gain access to Margin Account online, you must be a customer of Online Equity Trading. Then you can send an application through your Internet bank. If you only wish to trade via a broker, you can obtain an application form by contacting your broker or customer service officer in DNB, or download the form under ’More information’ in the right-hand column and send the completed form directly to:

Customer Administration
DNB Markets
PO Box 7100,
5020 Bergen

DNB Markets will forward your credit application to the relevant credit department.

Margin-account with DVP settlement

As a supplementary service, we offer Margin Account with DVP settlement (Delivery versus Payment). This enables you to fund your portfolio through DNB irrespective of which brokerage firm you use for the trade.
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