Savings and Investment

We offer a wide range of savings products to suit your company's every need.
Savings accounts
If your company have up to NOK 20 million in surplus liquidity, a corporate savings account is a good alternative. The account has a flat interest rate, and there are 12 charge-free withdrawals each year. 
savings accounts
Fixed rate deposit
With a fixed-rate deposit, the funds are locked in the account for an agreed amount of time. If you have a fixed-rate deposit you always know in advance what the return will be because the interest rate is fixed for the agreed period.
fixed rate deposit
Exchange Traded Products
An Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) is a fund comprising shares and other securities which tracks an underlying stock market index.
Bonds and Commercial Paper
Bonds and commercial paper are investment alternatives that have received greater attention during periods of economic recession.
Asset Management
DNB Asset Management is a leading financial institution in the Nordic region that provides tailored investment solutions across a variety of asset classes to retail and institutional clients.
asset management
DNB Markets offers a wide range of services to both retail and institutional investors.
To become a DNB customer please call our corporate customer service number: (+47 915) 04800. You can also contact your local branch office to book a meeting with one of our advisers.