One of the world’s most widely accepted credit cards.

Pay by card
  • Many benefits and discounts when paying by card

  • Up to 45 days interest-free payment settlement

  • Travel insurance when half of the transport costs are paid with the card

Apply for a Mastercard
Apply for a Mastercard

Price example Pluss Mastercard: Nominal rate 18.60%, APR 20.27%, NOK 30 000 over 12 months. Cost: NOK 3 108. Total: NOK 33 108

Discount on charging

When you pay with Mastercard from DNB you get a discount on charging your electric vehicle.

  • Electric vehicle charging discount

Discount at petrol stations

Applies to everything you buy at petrol stations with Mastercard from DNB

Travel insurance included

Travel insurance included when you use Mastercard from DNB.

Peace of mind

More rights when you pay with Mastercard from DNB.

Mastercard FAQ

Upgrade your card

Earn EuroBonus points and get more attractive benefits.

Financial security

Secures your finances should the unexpected happen.

Online shopping

Correct use of credit cards

You get the best range of benefits and discounts by clearing the entire balance by the due date. We have put together our best tips for using credit cards

Are you facing financial challenges? What to do if you are facing financial problems.

Need any help?

Answer to frequently asked questions and other useful tips on cards and PIN codes.

How much does it cost to have a credit card?

Our Mastercard has no annual fee and there are no charges for product purchases. This makes a credit card a smart way to shop, as long as you pay off the balance in time. See all prices in the price list.

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