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DNB FX trading is an online service that offers corporates the possibility to monitor quotes and charts, read analysis, news and trade foreign exchange (FX).
  • Easy and flexible solution to trade FX online
  • "Single-Sign-On" via DNB Connect
  • Trade more than 100 different currency pairs as spot, forwards and swaps
  • Flexible settlement instructions
  • Open 24 hours- Monday to Friday
  • e-Confirmation of FX deals
  • Trade Log displaying all FX trades done with DNB Markets

In addition to the trading application, clients gain access to:

  • Trade Log
    Displays all FX trades done with DNB Markets as a counterpart. The content can be exported to various spreadsheets e.g. MS Excel and uploaded to you TMS (Treasury Management System)
  • e-Confirmation
    Let's your company have a final look that your FX hedge is according to the company's needs. Read more about e-confirmation
  • News from the financial markets from Reuters.
  • Analyses and reports from analysts in DNB Markets.

Opening hours *
The service is available:

Activity/Type of transaction Time - CET
Opening Monday 01.00
Spot  1) 24 hours 2)
Forward and swaps 1) 08.00 - 23.00
Close Friday 22.30

1) Monday to Friday   2) Closed between 23.00 and 23.10 daily

» See also Cut-off times and tradeable crossrates in all timezones (pdf)

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- Technical support:
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