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Currency exchange rates

Here are the exchange rates for the most traded currencies.

DNB Markets will set current exchange rates for most currencies
  • Exchange rate lists for currency exchange

  • Day-to-day market rates (RIC)

  • Currency converter

NB: The exchange rates change all the time. The course lists are only indicative.

Exchange rate lists

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What is the amount in Norwegian kroner?

Do you want to know what something abroad costs in Norwegian kroner? Use our currency converter, it quickly calculates what the rough amount will be.

  • Use the currency converter
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How are currency exchange rates set?

The currency exchange rates quoted in this list show the exchange rates for buying and selling foreign currencies when executing international payment orders, where the exchange rate for the order is set at 09:00. For exchange at all other times, the exchange rates stated in “Daily updated foreign exchange rates” are indicative only.

The exchange rate obtained for a payment order will depend on the time the exchange was executed. Exchange rates quoted in “Daily updated foreign exchange rates” do not represent an offer of exchange rates to our clients to buy or sell currency, unless the nature* of the payment order and its execution are such that the exchange rate quoted in the “Daily updated foreign exchange rates” is used.

NB: The Bank accepts no liability for the accuracy of the exchange rates shown in “Daily updated foreign exchange rates”, nor any liability for any form of loss arising from the use of this exchange rate information.

Foreign exchange trading and international payments

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Do you want to buy and sell shares?

We’ve made it easy for beginners to get started. Read about the purchase and sale of shares on our share pages.

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Foreign exchange trading for businesses

We offer foreign exchange trading for businesses and professional investors. Learn more about the world’s most liquid market.


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