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Equity trading through a broker

Our stockbrokers are here to serve professional investors

Stockbroker, Tone Trandokken
  • Personal advice

  • Local and global presence

  • Research and experience

See contact details below. (The image shows stockbroker, Tone Trandokken)

Brokerage in Norway 0.5 %

Minimum fee NOK 500

Trading via a broker costs more than executing trades yourself online. Check our price lists here.

Personal advice

Our stockbrokers function as important sparring partners for professional investors and businesses. A stockbroker’s role is to help you build and monitor a portfolio of investment products tailored to your wants and needs. The broker will follow you, the investor, throughout the entire investment process.

You will get access to knowledge and experience

Our brokers have an overview of the market and have a daily dialogue with our analysts. Together, you will find the best and most suitable investment opportunities for your investment profile. Market overview combined with industry experience, network and execution proficiency.

Contact information


Professional investors voted DNB Markets the best brokerage for Norwegian shares in 2020, for the seventh year in a row.

Norway’s best brokerage

DNB has been named the best brokerage for Norwegian shares for the seventh year running. That is what the results of the Prospera survey show. This is a survey which is conducted every year on professional Norwegian investors. In 2020 we came top in all three of the survey’s sub-categories: Research, Execution and Corporate Access.

We know the markets!

Through our head office in Oslo, our regional sales desks around Norway and our departments in London and New York, we have unique knowledge of markets and companies in the industries in which Nordic operators excel globally. Our brokers share their knowledge with our clients, both retail and professional.

Prices, terms and conditions

Below, you will find the prices for using a broker to execute orders in Norway and internationally. Please note that it will be significantly cheaper to make trades yourself using our online equity trading service. You can read more about this here.

You will find our terms and conditions for trading with financial instruments here.

Brokerage fee – Norwegian shares

Publicly listed shares, ETFs and ETNs

0.50 % min NOK 500

Publicly listed shares primary capital certificates

0.50 % min NOK 500

Publicly listed subscription rights

0.50 % min NOK 50

Unlisted shares:

0.50 % min NOK 1 000

For trading in equity derivatives, see separate price list here.

Brokerage fees – international shares


0.50 % min SEK 1 100


0.50 % min DKK 900


0.50 % min EUR 120


0.50 % min USD 160


0.50 % min CAD 160

Belgium, France2, Germany, Italy4, the Netherlands

0.50 % min EUR 120


0.50 % min GBP 100


0.50 % min EUR 120


0.50 % min CHF 180


1: Shares on the Spotlight list (previously Aktie Torget stock exchange), the Mangold list and NGM list cannot be traded online.

2: When buying (not selling) shares that are listed here, on top of the regular brokerage fee, an additional transaction fee (French Financial Transaction Tax) corresponding to 0.3 per cent of the trade amount will apply. This fee applies for trades in companies domiciled in France where the market value as of 01/01/2012 exceeded EUR 1 billion.

3: When buying shares on the London Stock Exchange, on top of the regular brokerage fee, an additional Stamp Duty fee of 0.5 per cent of the trade amount will apply, which is a public tax in England. If the share is registered in Ireland, the Stamp Duty will be 1 per cent.

4: When buying (not selling) shares in Italian publicly listed companies, with a market value exceeding EUR 500 million, in addition to the regular brokerage fee, an extra transaction fee (Italian Financial Transaction Tax) of 0.1 per cent of the trade amount will apply.

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