Through DNB Markets Online Equity Trading, you can trade all unlisted shares registered on the Norwegian Securities Dealers Association’s list of unlisted equities, called the OTC list.

DNB Markets is, together with many of the other authorised investment firms and stock exchange members registered as users of the OTC list. Please note that this does not apply to all brokerage firms. For more information on listing on the OTC list, see: NOTC
A significant difference from ”normal” stock exchange trading is that the unlisted market is not automated. When your order in an unlisted share comes to our sales desk, we register the order manually in the electronic order book for the OTC list. All trades are closed manually on the phone between the brokers, registered and thereafter reported in the OTC system. When the trade is confirmed by the counterpart broker, we will register the trade as executed, whereby it can be seen in the equity trading solution.

The above-mentioned manual order and trade transaction flow shows that you cannot expect trades to be executed or registered on the OTC list as soon as the order is registered in the equity trading solution. DNB Markets will seek to execute the order on the OTC list as swiftly and effectively as possible, but can give no guarantee that the order will be executed and reported within a certain time span.

Change/cancellation of orders
It is not possible to cancel or change orders online during a stock exchange day. If you wish to change or cancel an order, please call: 22 94 82 82 and quote your order number.

See our price list for brokerage fees for unlisted trades.

You will find 15 minute delayed prices of unlisted shares in our Online Equity Trading solution after logging in.

Unlisted shares which are acquired in ways other than through orders made in Online Equity Trading will not automatically be registered on the portfolio page. This applies to shares which are allotted in issues, through employee programmes, traded through brokers etc. We can update your portfolio if you send an e-mail to: containing a description of items to be updated.

Orders in unlisted shares which are not listed on the OTC list must be notified by calling: 08940.
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