Money market funds

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Money market funds are an alternative to regular savings accounts, and you can expect slightly higher returns.

Suitable if you:

  • Want better returns than on a savings account
  • Want to avoid large fluctuations in the value of your investment
  • Prefer a low-risk investment where there is limited risk of negative returns in the long-term

Not suitable if you:

  • Want high returns on your investmet

How do I buy funds?

1. Already a customer? Log into your online bank

2. Choose 'Mutual funds' under 'Savings & Investments' in the drop-down menu

3. Start a savings scheme or buy shares right away

4. Not a customer? Join Norway's leading bank


Our money market funds are designed to maintain the purchasing power of your money. Our most important portfolio management principles are therefore to make investments that:

  • Ensure low risk
  • Avoid unpleasant surprises

Tax and money market funds

Dividends are equal to the taxable return on the fund. Dividends are paid annually to unit holders in the form of new units in the fund.

If the annual return equals for example NOK 2 per unit, the share price will decline by NOK 2 when dividends are paid.