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DNB OBX was the first Exchange-Traded Fund in Norway. The fund tracks the OBX share index, which comprises the 25 most actively traded shares on Oslo Børs over the preceding six months.

Up till now, it has been possible to trade on this index only via listed futures and options.
DNB OBX gives you access to mutual fund holdings that are listed on Oslo Børs and bought and sold through DNB Markets or other investment firms which are members of Oslo Børs.
The ticker code of the fund is OBXEDNB, and price information for the fund is available in the share price list. You can trade in the fund by using DNB's online share trading service.
DNB OBX is a fund with return directly linked to the Norwegian share market through the OBX share index. This entails that the fund will yield returns approximately equal to returns on the shares included in the index.
The DNB OBX fund is suitable for:
  • Customers requiring a diversified portfolio rather than individual shares, as the fund gives cost-effective adjustments and is a well-known instrument
  • Those requiring highly liquid exposure to Oslo Børs
  • Those requiring index-linked returns
  • Those who are not willing to take the risk of investing in individual companies
  • Customers who engage in very active portfolio management (such as 'traders')
  • Those who believe that the market is efficient, i.e. that all information is reflected in share prices and that it is not possible to outperform the market through active investing based on company analysis
  • Those who wish to engage in short sales, (i.e. to sell without owning) without having to trade in individual shares.
The fund has been established and is managed by DNB Asset Management, whereas DNB Markets will furnish current bid/ask prices and thus act as 'market maker'.

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