Silver cards
Current account, cards and online banking free of charge
Current account, cards and online banking free of charge, and your own investment advisor
Student Student
Current account, cards, online banking and text banking free of charge
Children and young people Barnas Sparekonto
Savings account in a child's name, and a money box as a start to learn about money and savings
Fox & Pia
Cards for children
Current account, debit card, online banking and text banking free of charge.

Free and convenient banking wherever you are, get started with one of our packages. You will receive a current account, debit card, credit card (optional) and access to the Norwegian and English Internet bank. You will also automatically be able to use our banking services on your tablet and mobile phone.

Do you only need an account and our Internet bank?

You can become a DNB customer today. Use your Norwegian BankID, to swiftly open a current account online.
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Please note that the Norwegian Internet bank has a larger range of products and services than the English version. The English Internet bank is being expanded.
If you do not have this, please call us on 915 04800.
We are open 24/7 – 365 days a year.

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Moving to Baltics or Norway to work or study?

We want to help you with your daily banking needs.
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