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Travel insurance

Insure yourself and your things when you’re travelling and in everyday life, with one of the best travel insurance providers on the market.

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  • Unlimited coverage in the event of cancellation and illness

  • Accident insurance included 24 hours a day, also when you’re not travelling

  • Applies worldwide, without accommodation requirement

What is travel insurance?

Travel insurance gives you peace of mind every time you leave your home: You have insured yourself and your belongings when travelling and in daily life. You’ll get help if you are the victim of theft, illness or accident, in the event of cancellations and delays, damage to your belongings and much more.

The travel insurance is valid worldwide – including in Norway.

Travel insurance is about more than holidays and trips abroad. It becomes valid the moment you leave your home, and there is no overnight accommodation requirement Travel insurance is valid worldwide, domestic travelling in Norway and in daily life.

Do you have any questions before you buy travel insurance?

Have a chat with one of our insurance advisers.

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Have you had an accident or injury?

Report your damage or injury online for quick and secure handling.

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Accident insurance included

When you buy travel insurance from us, you get accident insurance that covers accidental injury both at home and during outdoor/leisure activities. This applies, among other things, to water sports and sailing, climbing, cycle touring, downhill skiing, ice skating, horse riding, mountain hiking, backcountry skiing and more.

Accident insurance covers you all day long, even when you’re not travelling. The cover expires when you turn 75 years of age. Remember that you can also buy your own accident insurance if you want to select the compensation amount or need other coverage.

Get a discount on insurance

Up to 15% group discount on insurance, and an extra 5% if you are a DNB bank customer.

One price, two insurance policies

Household contents and travel insurance for people aged 18 to 34 years.

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Illness and travel insurance

If you cancel a trip due to illness, your travel insurance applies.

Illness and accidents prior to travel

Have you recently been seriously ill, or do you have a serious illness or chronic condition, or have you suffered an accident and are wondering whether the travel insurance covers costs for treatment needs that may arise when you’re away? – Get in touch for a medical assessment with our partner SOS International on +47 22 95 50 55.

Feeling unwell on holiday? – Call for help

If you or your fellow travellers have fallen ill, contact SOS International on tel. +47 22 96 50 45. They are available 24 hour a day, 7 days a week. They will help you find a doctor and a hospital, and take care of practical matters. It’s a good idea to save the number to your phone before you travel.

If you incur any other expenses related to your illness, keep hold of the receipts. These must be sent in together with the claims form to Fremtind Forsikring.

Contact SOS International

SOS is our emergency centre which you can use at any hour of the day if something should happen during your trip abroad.

Call +47 22 96 50 45 for help.

Be contacted by the emergency centre

See what the travel insurance covers

Best in test travel insurance

Bytt.no votes for the best travel insurance every month. Based on verified reviews, our travel insurance has been voted the one that customers are most satisfied with. Our insurance company Fremtind is ranked top for both best claims settlement and best customer service. See the results at bytt.no.

Norsk Familieøkonomi (Norwegian Family Finances) also has our travel insurance among the top providers in its annual test, with a score of 5 out of 6. Among other things, the test highlights that we are one of the cheapest for family travel insurance, while consistently maintaining a high standard of cover.

See what else makes our insurance best in test.

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Check prices of travel insurance

What does travel insurance really cost? You don’t need to pull out your calculator – we’ll do the work for you. To check prices, you have to log in with BankID Then choose insurance for yourself and possibly your family to see how much you need to pay.


Find out what the Ministry of Foreign Affairs says and what the insurance can help you with.

Single trip travel insurance with credit card

If you pay at least half of the cost of the trip’s transport costs with your credit card, you get travel insurance included with your purchase.

Compare travel insurance

You can get both full-year travel insurance and single trip travel insurance from us. Our travel insurance is valid all year round and ensures you’re always insured for small or bigger trips, and for daily life. Single trip insurance is travel insurance through Mastercard, and comes included when at least half of the trip’s transport is paid using the credit card and you include one night’s accommodation or travel by air.

We recommend most people to always keep full-year travel insurance. If you need some guidance, you can see more details on what insurance you need at different stages of life.

Travel insuranceSingle trip insurance with Mastercard

When is the insurance valid?

Year-round, from the moment you leave your home

On trips with at least one overnight stay or when you travel by plane. At least half of the trip’s transport costs must be charged to the card

Who does the insurance apply to?

Policyholder, and family if agreed (children under 21 years of age)

Cardholder, permanent household members (children under 20 years of age), or up to three fellow travellers

Illness while travelling





Up to NOK 50 000

Duration of trip

Up to 70 days

Can be extended to 90, 120 or 180 days

Up to 90 days



Up to NOK 500, or 20% for legal assistance

Return journey



Evacuation as a result of war, unrest, terror and natural disasters


Up to NOK 100 000

Interrupted trip due to illness or accident

750 NOK per day, up to 10 days. 1500 NOK per day when multiple insured individuals travel together

Up to NOK 25 000 (up to NOK 1000 per person/day).

Change of itinerary as a result of illness

Up to NOK 150 000 per insurance event

Up to NOK 20 000 per insurance event

Excess rental car

Unlimited according to contract with car rental company

Depending on your customer program, only with Mastercard Upgrade, and according to the car rental contract

Delayed attendance and catch up of started itinerary


Up to NOK 25 000

Delayed departure (catch up of started journey and additional costs for accommodation)

Up to NOK 6000 per person

Up to NOK 4000 per insurance event

Delayed luggage (min. 4 hour delay)

Up to NOK 5000 per person

Up to NOK 3000 per person

Accident adult 20-70 years
(100% permanent medical disability/death)

NOK 500 000

NOK 400 000

Accident adult 70-75 years
(100% permanent medical disability/death)

NOK 100 000

NOK 100 000

Accident child 0-20 years
(100% permanent medical disability/death)

NOK 700 000/150 000

NOK 400 000/50 000



Up to NOK 30 000 per insurance event


Up to NOK 40 000 per insurance event

Up to NOK 20 000 per insurance event

Other items

Up to NOK 40 000 per item

Up to NOK 10 000 total per insurance event

Employer’s property on business trips

Up to NOK 40 000

Up to NOK 20 000

Use the table as a guide. See terms and conditions for a detailed overview of the coverage.

Questions and answers

More insurance policies

Fremtind Forsikring

As a DNB customer, you get insurance supplied by Fremtind Forsikring – one of Norway’s largest insurance providers, with extensive experience. You are still a customer of DNB, and should contact us if you want to buy insurance, make changes, make a claim or have any questions.

To give you an offer, DNB will share your personal data with Fremtind. You can see how this is processed in Fremtind’s personal privacy statement.

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