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Shares and Stock Exchange from A to Z

You will find answers to most of your questions about shares and equity trading at this page. If you do not, please call us at +47 915 048000

What are shares and why should you invest?

Trym Gjerstad Smedsrud

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Call customer services on +47 915 04800 and tell them you have questions about equity trading, or interest rates and currency. (Photo: Stig B. Fiksdal)

About buying and selling shares and equity products

Crowdfunding 2

Get answers to any questions you may have during our webinar for beginners to the stock market.

Take part in our beginner’s course from home!

Are you interested in getting started with saving in mutual funds and equity trading, or would you like to learn more about investing? Our beginner’s course will provide answers to all your questions on share savings accounts, mutual funds and shares. OBS! The course is in Norwegian.

How to get started trading shares

Our demo videos show you how to get started in equity trading, step by step. Illustrative photo.

Our demo videos show you what to do!

Equity trading demo videos (in Norwegian only)

We have put together a series of 10 short video clips that show you everything you need to know about different trading accounts and how to trade, step by step, on our online equity trading service:

  1. Share savings account or normal trading account?
  2. How do I open a Share savings account?
  3. How do I open a normal trading account?
  4. What is the difference between a VPS account and a trading account?
  5. How do I buy shares?
  6. How do I sell shares?
  7. How do I trade with open volume?
  8. How do I change and active order?
  9. How do I order real-time prices?
  10. How do I order a foreign trading account?
Colleagues looking at an iPad

Financial terminology explained!

The financial markets abound with abbreviations, acronyms and jargon. We have compiled a list of definitions on our terms and conditions pages.

  • Click here for definitions

Questions about share prices


Levi asks, Sindre explains

Brokerage, Real-time, SOR… what does it all mean? Levi from DNB UNG asks Sindre from DNB Markets about shares and equity trading. Sindre provides his best possible answers.

On share issues, subscription rights and company events

Questions about portfolios and orders

Questions about international equity trading

Questions and answers about ETFs

Questions and answers about short selling, arbitrage and hedging

Questions and answers about Bull and Bear products (ETNs)

Different securities carry different risks

If you are relatively new as a buyer or seller in the financial markets, you should read a little about how different financial instruments work and what risk they carry. Not least, you should become familiar with the terms and conditions of trading.

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