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Give a mutual fund as a gift

How about giving a gift that can grow in value? A mutual fund is a gift that suits any occasion

  • You’ll get a digital gift card in the online bank

  • The minimum amount for a mutual fund gift is NOK 100

  • Select a one-off amount or monthly savings

In order to give a gift to a mutual fund, the recipient must be a customer of DNB. You need to log in with a computer or use the full version via a mobile phone.

Give a mutual funds as a gift

You can give a gift of funds in the form of monthly savings and lump sums for birthdays, confirmations, baptisms and weddings. A mutual fund is a gift that can grow in value and can be withdrawn when a person wants it. If the person who is to receive a mutual fund as a gift is under 18 years of age, it is important that the person is a customer at the bank.

When buying a mutual fund as a gift, the recipient will get a general mutual fund account, not a Aksjesparekonto. Customers under the age of 18 will not be charged a platform fee, and will thus have a lower fund cost. The minimum required savings is only NOK 100.

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Gift funds directly to a share savings account

Do you want to transfer money directly to a share savings account and let the recipient choose a fund themselves? This solution is great for people who don’t know which funds to choose.

The gift is easily transferred to the share savings account’s trading account, in the same way as a regular transfer. The account number of the trading account finds the recipient in the Spare, mobile banking app or online banking.

When the gift has been given, the recipient can choose which funds they want to invest in.

If the recipient does not have a share savings account, it must be set up first.

Open a share savings account


  • Give a mutual funds as a gift
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  • Give a mutual funds as a gift
Birthday hug


  • Give a mutual funds as a gift
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Christening or name day party

  • Give a mutual funds as a gift
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A token for someone you love

  • Give a mutual funds as a gift
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  • Give a mutual funds as a gift

Mutual fund as a gift – step by step

Buy a mutual fund as a gift

Mutual funds as a gift FAQs

How does it work?

To give funds as a gift, you must have the name and national identity number of the recipient. When the order is placed, the gift card is automatically sent to you in your online bank inbox so you can pass on the gift.

The recipient must be a DNB customer

In order to give a gift fund, the recipient must be a customer of DNB. If the recipient is under 18 years of age, the guardian must first register the child as a customer of DNB.

NB! Even if the recipient already has mutual funds, due to new rules, this must also be registered in the banking section.

If the customer is not a customer, you can send the link below:

What is a mutual fund?

A mutual fund is a collection of securities that are put together as one package. You can buy shares in the mutual fund. The portfolio manager uses the money you and other mutual fund savers put into the fund to buy securities for the fund.

  • A mutual fund can own from 16 to several hundred different securities.
  • A mutual fund can buy shares, bonds and other fixed-income securities.
  • The larger the proportion of shares in a fund, the higher the risk and return you can expect.
  • The risk and the possible returns are lower the more fixed-income securities there are in a mutual fund.

Each fund has a professional Portfolio Manager to manage the investments, to give you the best possible return. The managers make the investments they think are best at the time, with an overall goal of following the market (passive management/index fund) or beating it (active management).

Read more about mutual funds

Read about which mutual funds have a net cast of six on DNB Nyheter

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Illustration showing a person reading the newspaper

Historical returns are no guarantee of future returns. Future returns will depend, among other things, on market movements, the skill of the Portfolio Manager, the fund’s risk level, as well as administration costs. The return may also be negative as a result of mark-to-market losses.

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