Pension profiles

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It's up to you to decide how your pension savings should be invested. Choose between different investment profiles that are specially designed for saving towards your pension.

Find the right saving for your pension

When saving in PensjonSpar, you can choose to place your savings in one of four different pension profiles. Choose your risk profile by selecting your equity exposure. You decide how much equity exposure you want and we take care of the investments. Keep in mind that pension savings are long term, and that your choice of equity exposure will have a considerable impact on your savings.

Our pension profiles

Are you the type who wants to invest in equities only, or do you like to play it more safe? Either way, we have a pension profile that will suit you. In DNB we have designed four different pension profiles with different equity exposure.

Pension profile 30
With only 30 % of the investments in equities, and the rest in the bond and money markets, this profile suits our more safety concerned customers.

Pension profile 50
Divide your investment 50/50 between equities and the bond and money markets. Suitable when you want more return on your savings, but are not willing to take large risks.

Pension profile 80

80 % of the investments are placed in equities, and the remaining in the bond and money markets. A pension profile suitable for those who seek a sound return on their savings in the long term. 20 % of the investment is placed in lower risk alternatives.

Pension profile 100
With a 100 % of the investment placed in equities, this is for customers who want to maximise the return on their savings. The risk is high, but in the long run you will be rewarded with a higher return on your pension savings.

DNB Bank Account
If you are the type of customer who just want to play it safe, and have your savings in a bank account, this is the best choice for you.

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