Equity funds

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Equity funds give you the best chances of high returns. The expected long-term return is three to five percentage points above the interest rate of bank deposits, but you must be prepared for the returns to vary considerably over time.

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Suitable if you:

  • Would like the highest possible return on your mutual fund savings
  • Wish to benefit from the value generation in different business sectors and regions worldwide
  • Want professionals to manage your savings
  • Plan to save for six years or more
  • Can handle considerable temporary fluctuations in the rates of return

Not suitable if you:

  • Will not accept periods of negative returns
  • Have a short-term savings perspective

Why DNB?

  • Equity fund management since 1966
  • One of Norway’s largest management units – your savings are secure
  • A number of award-winning equity funds and managers
  • Many funds with top rankings
  • Managers in Oslo, Stockholm, Chennai and Hong Kong

How do I buy funds?

1. Already a customer? Log into your online bank

2. Choose 'Mutual funds' under 'Savings & Investments' in the drop-down menu

3. Start a savings scheme or buy shares right away

4. Not a customer? Join Norway's leading bank

Tax and equity funds

Equity fund returns are partly exempt from taxes due to the shielding deduction.