DNB's response to the coronavirus situation

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DNB follows the guidelines from the local authorities, recommending increased use of home office and flexi-time solutions as a measure to prevent the spread of the infection.

Our services are running as normal

We have implemented a number of measures to secure continued operation of our banking and payment services in Norway and abroad. 

One of the measures is to split teams within critical specialist and delivery areas to ensure that we maintain our delivery capacity, even if someone should become infected or quarantined. The teams are split between different buildings and locations, and all employees in non-critical environments work from home to give the people working in the offices more space.  

These measures secure IT operations so that all payments and other services can run as normal, even if personnel or geographical regions should become unavailable. 

We also have established business continuity plans with measures that can be implemented if the situation escalates.

Stock and press releases

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We have implemented the necessary plans and measures

We are monitoring the situation closely and have implemented the necessary plans and measures to ensure that all the bank’s essential functions are operated as normal. 

We have asked those of our employees who are able to, to work from home. This is solved using available technology, split teams, separate locations and proper infection control in our office premises.  

Our customers and society in general depend on DNB to keep the wheels of the economy turning, and this is a responsibility we take very seriously.

We are well equipped to face turbulent times in the market

DNB is one of the most solid banks in Europe, and over the last decade, we have more than doubled our equity. This makes DNB well equipped to meet turbulent times in the market. 

DNB is also one of the most creditworthy banks globally, with the best possible short-term rating of A1+/P1 from S&P and Moody's, and a long-term rating of AA. We are monitoring the situation around the corona outbreak closely, and will make ongoing assessments of the bank's risk. 

DNB has very limited exposure to, for instance, the airline industry. 

The Government acts to mitigate effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the economy