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DNB's comments to allegations related to Icelandic fisheries companies

This week Icelandic media put forward claims that fisheries companies based in Iceland have been involved in criminal activities in Africa, and that money has been transferred via accounts in several banks, including DNB. As stated by the Icelandic media, DNB terminated the customer relationship with two of the mentioned companies in 2018.

DNB learned about the Icelandic TV programme November 13, and we are, of course, investigating the claims. In DNB, we take the fight against corruption and money laundering very seriously, and in recent years, we have significantly strengthened our efforts to combat financial crime.  DNB monitors payments through internal systems and annually reports more than a thousand cases related to suspicious transactions to the police.

It is the police’s responsibility to investigate and determine whether any payments made through the banks' systems are in violation of the law. DNB cannot disclose detailed information about individual companies. 

Banks are required by law to make thorough risk assessments of their customers, and banks may take action against individual customers. In some cases, we also terminate customer relationships and close accounts.

November 15, 2019

Key areas

  • Eliminating economic crime
  • Promoting financial understanding in the community
  • 40 percent women in leading roles
  • Strict requirements towards our suppliers
  • Environment and renewable energy
  • Human rights

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