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Make sure you, your family and your contents are protected. At DNB we offer a wide range of insurance products to protect what's important to you.

Let us help you find your insurance

Protect all the things you love and care about.

  • Vehicles: Insurance for your car, boat, motorcycle, caravan, trailer, snowmobile, tractor and veteran car.
  • Pet insurance protects your cat, dog, or horse. 
  • Home and property: We offer insurance for your home, your vacation home, and your contents.
  • Travel insurance: covers both domestic and international travels.
  • Personal insurance for what matters the most: life insurance, accident, child, disability pension, health insurance, critical illness.

Bundle your insurances for our loyalty discount

Cut costs on your insurances: By choosing DNB as your insurance provider, you can get up to 20 % discount on your non-life insurances, plus 5 % discount if you have a customer progam with DNB. The more insurances you need, the more you can save:

  • Bundle house and car insurance for 10 % discount
  • 3 insurance products give 10 % discount
  • 4 insurance products give 15 % discount
  • 5 insurance products and paperless communication give 20 %
  • 5 % discount in addition if you have a customer program with DNB

Who can we offer insurance?

Nordic citizens or people who have been a member of the Norwegian national insurance system for more than five years, in addition to be a resident of one of the Nordic countries, can get a quote from us.

How to report a claim

Please call us at +47 915 04818. You can also report your claim online (in Norwegian).

Get a quote or ask us about insurance

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The insurance is provided by Fremtind Forsikring

Our insurance company is Fremtind Forsikring. As a customer you still contact DNB for all your insurance inquiries.