General terms

Guidelines for the use of the website

It is important that you, as a user of DNB’s website, read the information on web safety. We also explain how we process all information registered on our website. Please contact us if you have any questions.

The conditions of use and liability related to the use of our website are stated in the Agreement for the Internet Bank Product and other relevant agreements, for example our online equity trading solutions. These agreements are available in the Internet bank.

Your responsibility as a user of DNB’s website
All passwords and PIN codes are personal and must never be given to your bank, public authorities, family members or others. Avoid making a written record of your passwords and keep your code device in a safe place so that you are the only person who can log in to your Internet bank. If your code device or cards are stolen or problems occur related to the use of DNB’s online products, call DNB’s customer service immediately. Before you log in to the Internet bank, you must make sure that you have come to the correct login page. We can help you use our website safely and securely. Even though DNB has good security systems to protect you online, your computer may become vulnerable to attacks if you do not follow all the recommended precautionary measures.

There may be links to external web pages from this website. DNB is not liable for the content or the terms and conditions of use on external web pages.

Stay safe on DNB’s website
The website uses encryption to protect any electronic trails. This includes all information sent via the Internet between your browser and our servers.

It is possible to leave the website via links to external web pages which have less protection. DNB assumes no responsibility for the webpages linked from our website.

Identification is made through the use of BankID or a special security solution from DNB. The identity of the user is verified through the use of a password generated by your personal code device. You may also call us on (+47 915) 04800.

Content and copyright information
DNB’s website complies with Norwegian legislation related to the protection of personal data and copyright. Any event which may arise between DNB and the website users is governed by Norwegian legislation. Any dispute shall be settled with Norway as the legal venue.

DNB is the owner of the website and holds all intellectual property rights related to the website and content produced by DNB. Unauthorised use of the website or the content is not permitted. Content which is published based on an agreement with another text producer will also be protected by the text producer’s copyright.

It is not permitted for commercial players or for commercial use to reproduce content from the website without stating that DNB is the source of the material.

Price information
Prices presented on this website are for information purposes only. When purchasing products, a binding offer will be presented to you as a customer. Products and services presented on the website may be available in limited numbers or for a limited period. DNB will always seek to clearly communicate the availability of a product, but cannot guarantee that everything that is presented will be available at all times.

The content on DNB’s website may contain insufficient or imprecise information and this cannot be claimed as a basis for claims of any kind.

DNB’s policy for handling customer and personal data
DNB complies with the terms and conditions of the Norwegian Personal Data Act as laid down by the Norwegian Data Inspectorate for activity subject to licensing. DNB’s general rules on personal data contains information relevant to using DNB’s website

How we obtain information
Information capsules (cookies) – When you visit us, one or more files will be saved in your browser – so-called ’cookies’. To safeguard your security on DNB’s website, DNB uses cookies which last for the period of time you visit the website (”session cookies”). Such cookies are needed to gain access to the website content. We also store some cookies on your computer to save information about you as a user. If you wish to block cookies from the website, you can do this via the settings in your browser, but you will then not be able to use the Internet bank.

Position data – To give you services which change based on your location, we use position data on certain places on our website. Your IP address is used to find your position.

Logging of web conduct through WebTrends – Our servers register all communication between your browser and the website, for example which browser you have, date and time, information capsules which identify you and which webpage you came from

Communication solutions – When you contact us or talk to us through the services on the website, this information will be collected and saved.

Data linked to your transactions via our web solutions – When you enter into an online advisory process or purchase process, we will store the information about the process in order to give the best possible functionality and so DNB can support you in other channels as effectively as possible.

How we use and manage customer information
Statistical and analytical purposes – To be able to learn from your and other users’ behaviour patterns, we use customer data for statistical analysis to improve the functionality, user experience and content of the website.

Personal adjustments
As a DNB customer, you will experience that the website is one of the most important places you meet the Group. Such a meeting place must meet the different needs of a large variety of customers.

To ensure that the content of the website is as relevant as possible for you, we use data about you as a customer on the website and about your use of the website. The information we obtain in connection with your use of the website may be combined with other information from your customer relationship.

Marketing – To give our customers relevant and tailored marketing information, we use data to choose which customers should receive the various offers. The Norwegian Personal Data Act with appurtenant concessions and the Norwegian Marketing Act regulate in further detail the use of customer data for this purpose.

Disclosure of data
DNB’s rules on the processing of personal data give more information on how DNB shares its data.

Customers resident in the United States of America and the United Kingdom

The information on this website is not intended for use in the United States or the United Kingdom or other countries where the use of information on the website is contrary to local legislation.

In particular, the information is not intended for ’US Persons’ as described in the United States Securities Act with appurtenant rules.

Further information on Business terms and agreements associated with trading in financial instruments in DNB Markets

Important information for U.S. Persons
Information contained on this website is for informational purposes only and is not intended to constitute an investment recommendation or investment advice in the United States, or an offer or solicitation of any U.S. person to purchase or sell any security or financial instrument.  DNB Bank ASA (the "Bank") does not offer investment products or services in the United States or to U.S. persons except as may be permitted under SEC Rule 15a-6 or through our U.S. broker-dealer subsidiary, DNB Markets, Inc.

Questions, comments and updates
Please call us on (+47 915) 04800 if you have any questions or comments.

This page will be updated as required to keep you informed of our safety and security requirements concerning the use of our website and customer data. The page will be updated as we change the website’s functionality.