Welcome to DNB's press room. We help journalists and the media with questions related to DNB's business, including all our subsidiaries.

DNB Press phone 954 77 993

We do not have access to customer data. If you have any queries regarding your customer relationship with us, please call our customer services on 915 04800, all day, every day.

Other media-related inquiries:
Executive Vice President Communications Even Westerveld
Phone: +47 400 16 744

Insurance related inquiries:
Phone: +47 22 42 96 00

DNB Nyheter

DNB is a bank. However, we also have the largest number of financial experts in Norway. Sharing our knowledge is an important part of our contribution to society. In order to succeed, we must dare to think differently. In a world where customer dialogue is largely digital, and where an increasing number of people get into financial problems – while newspapers are reducing their coverage of financial news – we believe there is a strong need for a site offering free tips and advice about financial matters. DNB Nyheter is our response to this.

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To download pictures of the management, members of the board and leading employees, visit our photo archive.

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Press contacts

Even Westerveld Executive - Vice President Communications Even Westerveld
Executive Vice President Communications
Phone: +47 400 16 744
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Silje Sandml - Consumer Economist
Silje Sandmæl
Consumer Economist
Phone: +47 482 87 522
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Andreas Nyheim - Communications Adviser
Andreas Nyheim
Communications Adviser
Phone: +47 952 11 779
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  Vidar Korsberg Dalsb - Communications Adviser
Vidar Korsberg Dalsbø
Communications Adviser
Phone: +47 993 80 389
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Cecilie Skjennald - Communications Adviser
Cecilie Skjennald
Communications Adviser
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