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DNB Connect - the internet Bank that connects all your accounts regardless of country currency or bank. Get online access and control of your accounts in your own management system.
DNB Connect offers one single solution for managing all your accounts. You get real time account information from all DNB accounts in 10 countries, or end of day information for accounts held in other banks.

Local payments can be executed both online or file based in the same countries.        

Payment types

We offer 27 different domestic payment types through DNB Connect in the following countries:

Nordic countries Europe/Americas Asia/Australia
Germany (EUR)

You may also choose cross border payments from any of these accounts.

Our integrated payment solution, support both local payment formats, EDIFACT and ISO20022-XML based payments (XML only in the Nordic countries). We can also provide accounts in Poland, Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania and integrate the accounts in DNB Connect based on end of day information (SW940).

We look forward to showing you what our cash management solutions can do for your business. Contact our Cash Management department for a demonstration and further information.

Self administration

Our self administration service provide different levels of authorization for each user, account or payment type. One or several administrator(s) can perform real-time changes in authorization levels, to make your accounts instantly accessible for the user.

This way we are able to satisfy your needs by setting up just the right solution for your demands.

Liquidity overview

To get an optimal liquidity overview, choose DNB Connect combined with our excellent Cash Pool- and Zero Balancing solutions.

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Credit Overview

Get a digital overview of your credits with Credit Manager

Global presence

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