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We are committed to your security and have a responsibility to protect you from financial crime, and to prevent money laundering and terrorist financing.

Verify your identitiy here

For Private customers

Log in with user ID to verify your identitiy.

For Corporate customers

If you have access to the corporate online bank, you can upload a photo or copy of your ID yourself. The administrator of the online bank can upload photos or copies on behalf of people who do not have access. 

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We must therefore be absolutely certain that the information we have about you is correct. This is why we ask our customers to verify their identity again.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the bank asking for proof of my identity?

We are required by the Norwegian authorities to obtain up-to-date information from our customers to confirm their identity. We are doing this now by requesting a copy of a valid proof of identity. We do this to ensure that our customers are not exposed to financial crime, and to prevent money laundering and terrorist financing. Of course, we would like this process to be as smooth as possible for our customers.

We only obtain information/documentation if it’s strictly necessary and in accordance with rules and legislation. If you’ve been contacted it’s because insufficient information or documentation has been registered for you, and we therefore need updated information.

What happens if I don't provide the requested information?

As a bank, we have a duty to know our customers and must therefore obtain various information about them. The first step is to collect this information from the customers themselves, and we will then compare the information with, e.g., passports or other valid proof of identity and other sources. If a customer does not want to provide the information required, banks could be obliged to refuse to establish, or to terminate, the customer relationship.

What is valid proof of identity?

The following is considered valid proof of identity:
Norwegian or foreign passport Norwegian immigrant’s passport Norwegian refugee travel document
Norwegian national ID Card 
EU/EØS ID card
Norwegian drivers’ licence issued after 1 January 1998
Norwegian bank card with photo ID, from a different bank.

Remember! Your proof of identity (ID) must not have expired. Bank cards must be from another bank. DNB bank cards will not be accepted.