Opening an account in Estonia

In order to open an account in Estonia you need to provide the following information:

For opening an account as a private person,  You have to provide to the bank employee:
  1. Passport of citizen of a foreign country or
    Diplomatic passport or
    Personal identification card
  2. Filled out Private person questionnaire (pdf)
The account may be opened by head of the company or his empowered representative.
For opening an account to a company, You have to provide to the bank employee:
  1. Identification documents of the representative(s) of the company (passport, driving license, identification card)
  2.  Authorization to represent the company  ( if needed)
  3. Copy of the Commercial Register for the company (possible to print out in the bank office)
  4.  The registration certificate, effective articles of association, foundation agreement for the company
  5. Filled out Questionnaire for legal entities (pdf)
These documents shall be translated into English. Translators signature shall be approved by notary. Documents shall be legalized.
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More information could be found at:

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