International Cash Pool

Illustration, hand and money
An International Cash Pool (ICP) gives you full control over your group's total capital. In an ICP, all of the group's currency accounts in and outside Norway are linked together in a joint system to ensure a maximum interest gain and optimal capital utilisation.


  • More effective management of foreign currency exposure
  • Less currency exchange
  • Monitoring and control of subsidiaries
  • Simpler group reporting 
  • Lower credit limit

What is ICP?

ICP is a management tool developed for groups with operations in and outside Norway.


Suitable for:

  • Large  corporate groups with manufacturing companies in several countries.

Legal issues:

The establishment of a group account system requires that the company is an independent legal entity or a corporate group as defined in the Norwegian Companies Act.

Any participants from outside Norway must meet the legal requirements that apply in their respective countries.

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