New application available February 15th
pcA new Internet system solution has been launched, enabling companies to access, process and download information on their shareholders. The system may also provide a number of other services.
In co-operation with DNB Bank ASA, Registrars Department, the VPS has developed a web-based system enabling e.g. Investor Relations Departments in companies to have direct access to daily updated shareholder information and general company information registered in the VPS system. The system also enable companies to define "insiders" for reporting purposes, or you may select to monitor one or several shareholders and their changes in holdings of shares.
DNB recommend you to subscribe for Issuer Services via Internet
By subscribing for said system, you will have direct access to your List of Shareholders and other services, some of which as described above. You will save time and costs by accessing the information available in the system yourselves rather than making use of your registrar to obtain the same information.
The system will be accessable almost on a 24 hour basis, except for a brief period of time when the system is updated with the latest recordings in the VPS system. Non-standard requests that require special follow-up will be handled during the ordinary office hours of your Registrar.
Three system options available
The Issuer services system is divided into three separate system solutions named Basic, Active and Professional. Below, please find a brief introduction of the three options available.
You may obtain an overview of the 20 largest shareholders in your company.
In addition to an overview of the 20 largest shareholders in your company, you may access online information on your shareholders in a swift manner. Company List of Shareholders and names/addresses for distribution of information to your shareholders are also available. You may also request non-standard statistics.
You will have unlimited access to the information recorded in the VPS system in addition to the information available in Active, such as:
  • Search for shareholders/List of Shareholders
  • Changes in share holdings on individuals and/or self-defined groups of shareholders
  • Statistics, e.g. shareholders defined per citizenship, country of residence, employees
  • General Meetings
    Companies may, via the Issuer Services, get access to updated information on proxies and attendees received and recorded by the registrar prior to the final tabulation at the general meeting. Overviews are available and may be downloaded or printed on paper. Listed companies may also opt to receive overviews shareholders that have given proxies in blank, which may trigger disclosure obligations.
  • Recording and reporting on "insiders"
  • Information on dividends distributed
  • Information on "corporate actions" recorded in the VPS system, e.g. subscriptions with or without pre-emptive rights, (de)mergers, changes in par value
How to get access to your preferred Issuer Services system solution
The system will be available upon signing of an agreement with DNB Bank ASA, Registrars Department. Each individual that a company authorizes to have access to the system will be allotted separate user-ID's and passwords. The system will be accessed via and may be entered into from in- or out-side Norway.
DNB Bank ASA, Registrars Department will provide guidance on how to make use of the different Issuer Services system solutions, and serve as a general backup. Further, serve as an intermediary between you and the VPS if and when necessary.
Issuer Services system solutions fee schedules
For Active and Professional, there is a fixed monthly fee based upon the number of shareholders in a company. The fixed fee includes an unlimited number of users and their unrestricted use and downloads of the information available not defined as non-standard requests or "historical data".

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