You can now earn SAS EuroBonus points every time you use your Mastercard!

Who can earn SAS EuroBonus points with Mastercard?

If you have a valid Mastercard from DNB you can earn SAS EuroBonus points. Note that when upgrading to SAS EuroBonus, you must not have defaulted on your credit card and your card must not be blocked.

What type of SAS EuroBonus points do I earn?

The points earned when you use your Mastercard are Extra-Points. Extra-Points can be used for bonus withdrawals, but they cannot be used to upgrade to a
higher membership level as in the case for regular points.

Other examples of bonus withdrawals: book hotel accommodation, book flights or simply upgrade your flight tickets with SAS. For more information, visit SAS EuroBonus

How can I upgrade my Mastercard?

You can upgrade your Mastercard by logging in here.
If you have a Corporate Mastercard, please contact us on (+47 915) 04800.

Do I need membership in SAS EuroBonus?

Yes, you must be a SAS EuroBonus member. If you are not a member, DNB will ensure that your membership is registered when you upgrade your Mastercard with SAS EuroBonus.

When can I start earning SAS EuroBonus points?

You can start earning points when DNB has registered that you have linked your Mastercard to SAS EuroBonus. The card will be upgraded with SAS EuroBonus the day after your order has been made.

When will I earn points?

Points are earned on all purchases when you use your Mastercard in Norway, abroad or online. For purchases made in foreign currency,  amounts are  converted to NOK and points are awarded based on the NOK amounts.

However, SAS EuroBonus points are not earned on the following transactions:
  • Withdrawing cash at a branch office or from ATM machines.
  • Transfer from your Mastercard to personal account.
  • Use of Mastercard to pay invoices (bill payments).
  • Money transfer to another user account.
  • Buying currency, including fees or other costs incurred with such transactions.
  • Purchase of banker’s drafts, cheque and traveller's cheque and fees or other costs associated with such transactions.
Payment of other cost and fees related to the terms and conditions of Mastercard, such as, but not limited to: annual fees, interest, invoice fees, payment reminders, debt collection costs and legal fees.

When will my earned points be transferred?

The points you earn will be shown on your Mastercard invoice. Points are calculated monthly and then transferred to your SAS EuroBonus membership account. Your total point-balance appears on the overview you will receive from SAS.

How many points can I earn?

Points per spent 100 NOK Price per month Welcome points
DNB Mastercard 15 points 49 NOK
6,000 points
Silver Card & Green Card 15 points 49 NOK
6,000 points
White Card 15 points 49 NOK
6,000 points
SAGA 20 points 99 NOK
12,000 points
Private Banking
25 points 99 NOK
12,000 points

I have an card linked to my Mastercard account. Will I earn points when I use that card?

Yes, you will earn SAS EuroBonus points on any additional cards that are linked to the main member’s Mastercard account.

Where can I view my earned points?

You can view your earned SAS EuroBonus points on your Mastercard invoice from DNB, in addition, you will also be able to view your total earned points on SAS EuroBonus membership sites and in the SAS app.

What happens with the points I have earned if I change my Mastercard?

If you get a new Mastercard due to the expiry of your Mastercard, the points will be transferred to your new card.

However, when changing your Mastercard programe, for example from Green card to SAGA or vice versa, you must enter into a new agreement with SAS EuroBonus for your new card. Points already earned will continue on your new Mastercard. However, we cannot guarantee that you will be able to keep the same account, so to avoid losing points, we recommend that you transfer your points on to your new card before the card expires.

Will I receive a new Mastercard after upgrading to SAS EuroBonus?

No, you keep your old Mastercard. We ensure that it is linked to SAS EuroBonus in our systems.

How can I check that my Mastercard has been upgraded?

You will receive a receipt when your order is submitted.