BankID is a personal and simple electronic proof of identity for secure identification and signing online. With BankID you can sign documents electronically to avoid having to attend somewhere in person or sending them in the mail.

This is how BankID works

BankID logoYou use your Norwegian national security number, an one-time password from your code device, and your chosen personal BankID password.

The identification tool is used when you use BankID as electronic proof of identity, for esample when you log in to the Internet bank.

You use the signing function when you use BankID to make a personal electronic signature, for example when you enter into an agreement with a BankID user site. An electronic signature with BankID is just as binding as a handwritten signature on paper.

How to order BankID?

You must be 18 years to order BankID. Your identity also need to be proven with your passport in the bank you order your BankID. You can order BankID in several banks.

Internet banking customers order BankID in the Internet bank. You must choose a personal password which you use together with your code device. In DNB you can order BankID from Settings in the Internet bank.

Due to security your BankID need to be renewed regularly. DNB will send you a notification in your secure mailbox in the Internet bank when this is about to happen.

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Use your mobile phone as a code device
BankID on your mobile gives you even better access to your Internet bank and mobile banking. You can also easily shop online even if you do not have your code device with you.

BankID on your mobile