Managing your wealth


We offer holistic wealth management.  The management of your portfolio can be structured in several different ways depending on how much you wish to be involved. Please contact your adviser if you would like more information.

Our advisory process

Wealth management is about making a long-term plan for the future. We work systematically through our advisory process, which includes analysing and identifying your expectations to find a solution that is tailored to your needs.

Leave the management of your wealth to us

If you choose discretionary management, you leave the management of your wealth to us. Your values form the core of our relationship, and together we will identify how to safeguard these in the best possible manner.

Together, we will agree on how to manage your wealth

If you choose investment advisory services, we give you access to analyses, market outlooks and recommendations – but you make the decisions.


You manage your wealth yourself

When you manage your wealth yourself, you make your own analyses and product choices. You receive no advice or recommendations from us.

Responsible investment

DNB has guidelines for responsible investments that apply to all our products. A separate team of analysts makes sure that these guidelines are complied with and helps ensure that environmental and social issues, as well as sound corporate governance, are incorporated in investment decisions.


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