DNB Puls - complete overview and control in one place

the app for business managers on the go

DNB Puls is an app for people running small or medium sized businesses. It offers an easily accessible overview of all accounts, balance forecasts, comparison of key figures with other industry players and competitors, and much more. 

To use DNB Puls, you must be a corporate customer in DNB and registered as the managing director or chair of the board of the company.

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Get accounting figures and sales data directly in Puls

Connect your accounting system and/or sales-data system to get real-time data. Uni Economy, 24SevenOffice, Conta Regnskap, Finago Procountor, Xledger, DNB Regnskap, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, iZettle, Mystore, Shopify and Stripe are available in the app, but we will continuously add more integrations to DNB Puls. 

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Compare with your competitors and industry

Are your competitors offering longer payment terms on their invoices? How are you doing in terms of goods in stock or sales compared to others in the industry? Find out this and much more in DNB Puls.

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Pay and approve

You can easily register and approve payments in DNB Puls. Register new payments or approve files from your accounting system. It’s that simple. 

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Balance forecast – gives you an overview of future account movements

The balance forecast shows your estimated future balance. Do you have enough money to cover upcoming expenses? By combining data from the bank and your accounting system, we make sure you are in control of your cash flows in the period ahead.

Questions and answers

What do I need to get access to Puls?

To use DNB Puls, you must be registered as the managing director or chair of the board of the company, be a corporate customer in DNB and have access to the company’s account in the corporate Internet bank.

We will retrieve information about your role in the company from the Brønnøysund Register Centre. If you are not registered as managing director or chair of the board you must update your roles in the Brønnøysund Register Centre (norwegian only).

If you are not registered as a corporate customer, you must register first. You can become a corporate customer by filling out this form: Become a corporate customer.

Does your company have a corporate Internet bank in DNB, but you as the managing director or chair of the board do not have access to it? Please contact your administrator who will be able to change the login accesses via the Internet bank.

Does it cost anything to use DNB Puls?

The app is free to download. Payments made through the app are charged normal rates, see the price list here.

What is the advantage of sharing accounting data?

Balance forecasts, key figures, tips and advice that are given in DNB Puls will be more up-to-date and relevant to your business.  

Is DNB Puls only available on mobile phones?

Yes, DNB Puls is only available as a separate app for iPhones or Android mobiles. The app can be used on tablets, but it is not optimised for this surface. 

Which industry will I be compared with?

We get information from the Brønnøysund Register Centre about the industry you are a part of, and the numbers in the industry comparison are based on companies within the same industry. 

Help us build the bank of the future – we want your feedback!

DNB Puls is in an early phase – we are still making adjustments to create the best future solution for you! You are the key to making this happen, and we want to hear your opinions and experiences with the use of DNB Puls. What did you like? What could be better? Give feedback directly in the app – under your profile. Thank you for your help!