DNB Boligkreditt

Oversiktsbilde over boligmilj i Oslo
DNB Boligkreditt AS is a wholly-owned subsidiary of DNB Bank ASA. The company provides loans secured by residential property for up to 75 per cent of the property’s appraised value.
Based on developments in international capital markets, DNB Boligkreditt has a key role in ensuring the DNB Group long-term and favourable funding through the issuance of covered bonds. Loans in DNB Boligkreditt qualify for favourable interest rates.

Loan customers

Home mortgages in DNB Boligkreditt
DNB Boligkreditt is a wholly-owned subsidiary of DNB Bank, and the majority of the bank’s home mortgage customers are also customers of DNB Boligkreditt.

What does it mean to have a home mortgage in DNB Boligkreditt?
If you apply for a new mortgage, the loan application will be processed in DNB Bank, while the mortgage will be granted by DNB Boligkreditt provided that the terms and conditions are fulfilled.

If you already have a mortgage in DNB Bank and the mortgage is transferred to DNB Boligkreditt, you will receive notification of the transfer. In addition, the notification you receive at the end of the year will specify that the mortgage is in DNB Boligkreditt. As a customer, your contact person is your adviser in DNB Bank.

If you require more information, please contact your DNB adviser.


Covered bonds
DNB Boligkreditt is licensed to operate as a mortgage institution with the right to issue covered bonds, Such bonds are, in addition to deposits from customers, DNB’s most important source of funding. This funding means that DNB can offer competitive home mortgage terms.

Supervisory authorities
As a mortgage institution, DNB Boligkreditt has been granted a licence from Finanstilsynet (the Financial Supervisory Authority of Norway). In accordance with the Act on Financial Undertakings, Ernst & Young AS has been appointed as the company’s investigator. Based on its own investigations and controls, the investigator considers whether DNB Boligkreditt’s operations are in accordance with prevailing regulations.

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