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International transactions

Internet bank and cards

Internet bank and cards

As a DNB customer you can have the Corporate Agreement with no fixed costs. This includes internet banking for corporate customers, an operating account and debit card.

Please select the users that need access to the internet bank

The principal user (the one at the top of the list if you register multiple users) will automatically be the:
  • Holder of corporate card VISA (debit card included in the Corporate agreement)
  • Authorised user of accounts associated with the Corporate Agreement​
  • Internet bank administrator;   What is this?
  • Is authorized to create new users and manage accounts and users in online banking
  • Is authorized to manage everyday banking services
  • Granted the right to open accounts and order products/services the bank offers electronic, without written signature

Credit card

Self Declaration

Tax reporting

The Common Reporting Standard (CRS) and the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) are an international framework for the automatic exchange of asset information between tax authorities. This obligates DNB as a financial institution to provide information to the Norwegian Tax Administration regarding customers that are tax resident in any country under these agreements.
If there is uncertainty about where the company is tax resident,contact the authorities of that country or a tax advisor.
TIN is the abbreviation for «Tax identification number», which is a unique number, assigned to both private individuals and companies by the tax authorities for identification purposes. For private individuals, the TIN is normally their national identity number.

Information about the company’s income and operations


Ultimate parent company

Organizational chart showing an overview of the corporate structure must be forwarded

Private individuals who ultimately own or control the company/foundation/fund,i.e. the beneficial owners.

In accordance with the Money Laundering Act, DNB is obligated to determine who ultimately owns and/or has a controlling/decisive influence over the company and/or its assets. These are also called beneficial owners and are always natural persons. Beneficial ownership may be organized in different ways, covered by one or more from letters a - e below.
Are there natural persons who, alone or with close family members, own or control the company as follows:

Last opp dokumentasjon av eierforhold – aksjonæroversikt og selskapsstruktur.

Gjelder ikke selskaper med kun privatpersoner som eiere.
Dokumentasjon som må sendes inn sammen med det utfylte skjemaet:
  • Komplett tegning av selskapsstrukturen, som viser hvem som eier selskapet. Tegningen skal vise:
    • alle eierledd oppover i selskapsstrukturen. Dersom selskapet eies helt eller delvis av en juridisk enhet (f.eks. selskap eller stiftelse), som igjen eies helt eller delvis av en juridisk enhet – så må dette fremkomme av tegningen.
    • hvilke privatpersoner som eier morselskapet i toppen av selskapsstrukturen.
    • eierandeler, navn/selskapsnavn og fødselsdato/organisasjonsnummer.
  • Dersom ikke alle aksjonærer fremkommer av tegning av selskapsstruktur, skal aksjeeierbok eller annen oppdatert oversikt over alle aksjonærer vedlegges.

List of natural persons who ultimately own or control the company.


Politically exposed person (PEP)

DNB is required to obtain information on politically exposed persons (PEP) associated with the company. These are persons who serves in or have served in senior public positions. Examples of positions are;
  • Head of State, head of government, minister and assistant minister;
  • Member of national assembly;​
  • Member of a governing body of a political party;
  • Member of a high-level judicial body, the decisions of which are not subject to further appeal, except in exceptional circumstances;
  • Member of the board of an auditor general's office, a court of auditors or a central bank;
  • Ambassador, chargé d'affairs or high-ranking officer of the armed forces;
  • Member of an administrative, management or supervisory body of a state-owned enterprise;
  • Director, member of the board or other person in the senior management of an international organization (The Norwegian Anti-Money Laundering Act section 2f)

Important information

The bank is required by law to perform customer due diligence measures when establishing a new customer relationship. A corporate account will not be opened before the due diligence measures have been completed, and the bank has received a signed account contract from the customer.- For companies under registration, an account may be opened before the customer due diligence measures have been completed, but the account can only be used for depositing share capital. In the event that the bank cannot complete the customer due diligence measures, or if the signed account contract is not received by the bank, the customer relationship will not be regarded as established.

The Norwegian Money Laundering Act requires that the bank on an ongoing basis updates documentation and information about the customer. This includes information about persons who ultimately own or control the customer (beneficial owners).
The bank can close an opened account in accordance with DNB’s “General terms and conditions for deposits and payment services – business customer".
The information given in this form and information about my corporate account(s) may be reported to the authorities in accordance with statutory obligations.

Declaration and signatures

Self Declaration

I confirm that I have read the information in this form, and that the details I have provided are correct and complete. I confirm that I will send updated information to DNB within 30 days if changes occur which render this information incorrect.
I confirm to have read and understood the terms and conditions.