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Exchange Rates quoted as “Daily updated foreign exchange rates” are indicative rates for information purposes only.

The exchange rates in the currency market may vary considerably during the day. The foreign exchange rate obtained for a payment order executed through DNB will depend on the time the exchange was executed. The exchange rates displayed as “Daily updated foreign exchange rates” does not represent an offer of exchange rates to our clients to buy or sell currency.

The Bank does not take any responsibility for the accuracy of the exchange rates displayed in the “Daily updated foreign exchange rates” nor any liability for any direct or consequential loss arising from the use of the quoted exchange rates in any form.

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N.B.Changes in daily updated currency list

In November 2019 we will make changes on the daily currency list and historical FX-rates. For those downloading this information today it means you need to make adjustments on your side. For example, transfers and cash are being splitted into two different lists, and XML tags are standarized to english language only. Click here to see how the new layout will be.


In the period up to we make these changes these sites will contain an example file for a specific date.